Pather panchali – restrained apprehension

This is a still from Pather Panchali, a film by Sathyajit Ray, the character’s name is Apu. Sathyajit ray, created a realm of cinema that could portray the beauty and vitality in a family that is stricken by poverty, desolation, his visuals bring out the innate human beauty in relationships, and the quirky emotions that accompany them. Apu, the protagonist is rather our window into the poverty stricken family’s world, he is a sensitive and keen observer of his surroundings.

This snap depicts a young, to be teenager, eloquently expressing a multitude of emotions that are at loggerheads with each other, which leads to a brief moment of concern and hence humility, which is assumed with great reluctance. The abstract dynamism in a still photograph, is an exemplary form of art.