Random ruminations on the movie, “Inception”:

Any art form, irrespective of its format, needs to be metaphorical. It cannot just be representative of, but has to literally stem from, the abstract intuition, which elicited the exercise of creation. The more truthful the artist or the creator is to that initial inciting stimulus higher is the aesthetic sophistication of the art form. This is my humble opinion, I might be totally mistaken, or even be laboring under a delusive perception.

“A resilient parasite…….a concept that grows in your mind ….either defines you or destroys”, these are the lines that Leonardo’s character delivers in the initial part of the first act. I guess this is the dramatic premise. These lines leave a lasting impact on a receptive audience. The concept alluded to in this dialogue could have been the one that incited this creative excercise i.e the movie.


Nolan’s creation is one of those films that leaves you subconsciously mutated for a while. The effect this movie has on you doesn’t seem to decrease with repeated viewing, it feels to me like the usual psychological process of desensitization somehow got replaced by positive reinforcement.

The story is deliberately spun around your active self like a spider’s web, the labyrinthine plot is complemented by visuals that cause momentary yet frequent sensation of awe. The creator, I guess, intended us to be left with a sensation of entanglement, so that he could distract our analytical self from the intuitive, and aid us in appreciating the aesthetics of his creation better. While our conscious self is absorbed in the complexity of the screen play, the thrill of the fast paced stunt sequences, and awe inspiring visuals; he manages to paint a picture that is exquisitely beautiful and abstractly imposing, which slowly yet steadily gets assimilated, subconsciously.

Kudos, Mr. Nolan, once again you have created a masterpiece, the elegance and sheen of which shall stand the test of time. Nolan’s unique ability to spin a visually spectacular plot, while surreptitiously unveiling the beauty of its dramatic premise, has once again proven to be effective. The inception did work, in fact it did wonders.

P.S: For those folk, who kept bragging that they understood the story, Sir/ Madame, I do not intend any disrespect, but you have gotten lost in the trees while having missed to appreciate the phenomenal view of the forest.
Kannan Baskar