Ever so gently…


The evening was tender, sparing in its revelations.
The light was reflected, always soft and never penetrant.
An organic, naïve and a pure cactus blooms - ever so gently,
Ever so gently,
Ever so gently.
Cool breeze and the noir air’s heaviness befriend the cactus.
Inevitability has a name – sunrise.
The sharp, vertical and probing daylight delves deep.
Exploring and scanning every bit of fragile fiber
The Cactus - lonely yet stands tall and resilient to the onslaught
The Cactus’s roots start to mutter “u exist in the night, not at…”
It ignores the distraction, pulls on.
The rays start eating into the porous, assumptive fibers slowly yet steadily
Cactus realizes with a huff “I’m but a creature of the twilight”.