The wet wave …



The waves were immense!

Beach’s stretch did its best to offset the dread, for the swelling brine

Strikes fear and invites, at once.

The trained eye uttered caution, “High tide” it muttered, wisely.

The waves attracted buzzing amateurs in hoards

Eager to get their feet wet—and probably drown.

The majestic waves kept beating away, in heavy monotony,

Unperturbed by the human happenings.


A chirpy soul tests the moody sea’s hospitality.

Kicks around and plays with the wet beach sand.

Sand that is testament to the wetness — the heaviness of the waves.

Playfully walks towards a rather benign looking wave.

“I Swell, Strike and Fell!” — a growl only the bone’s sense.

Poor human, put in place by nature, crawls back to humanity.