The August surprise

August is not a rainy month in this part of the woods,
Then, there is the surprise shower
Occasional, yes, but sincere
The cumulonimbus visitors from the Western Ghats
Don't mince words
Their drench—always elaborate, is all-embracing
An instinctual, socialist offering
The rain stops—a forgotten buoyancy restored
Everyone and everything smile
The August showers are like those rare visitors
who leave behind a gift
Only for us to discover it after they’ve left
My ramble stops, I overhear the clouds talking to my land in Urdu:
“खुल कभी तो, खुल कभी कहीं
मैं आसमां, तू मेरी ज़मीन
बूँद-बूँद बरसूँ मैं
पानी-पानी खेलूं-खेलूं और बह जाऊं
गीले-गीले होठों को मैं
बारिश से चूमूँ-चूमूँ और कह जाऊं
तू ज़मीन है, तू मेरी ज़मीन”
(Urdu/Hindi Lyrics by Gulzar from the movie Haider.)